My grandmother used to say ‘it takes all shapes and sizes. It’s not until you have grandchildren that you see that”. As a wedding photographer, this is something that I have come to appreciate, too. We are all different, and our the visual memories of our wedding day should reflect our uniqueness and individuality. Part of what I try to achieve is a set of wedding photographs that document the day, capture the feelings of the day and represent your love and relationship with a sincerity and an individuality that represents who you are.


Magnificent Splendor

It can take some extra time to get up to the mountains in Glacier, however the effort is nearly always well worth the effort. The magnificent splendour of Glacier National Park serves as a stunning backdrop for Sara and Joe’s Bridal photos.


Small and Intimate

Small and intimate weddings can be the best to photograph. Their is plenty of time for the couple to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy themselves. It also affords the time to enjoy a few precious moments together away from the celebrations.


Early summer in western Montana

The early summer provided a lush green landscape that was both fleeting for Montana and glorious for Quinn and Brandon wedding day. The Foster Creek Farm provided the backdrop for this beautifully insitimate wedding.